Temple in Delphi Archaeological site

Get a chance to discover these UNESCO-Listed Classical Sites

5 Day Tour Greece Visit Mycenae, Nauplion City, Epidaurus Theater, Olympia,
Delphi and Meteora Monasteries

Explore the essential sites with the 5 Day Tour Greece, Delphi Archaeological Site, Mycenae Archaeological Site, Epidaurus Ancient Theater, Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site and get a chance to see Nauplion City – the First Capital of Greece and the world famous Meteora Monasteries.

Delphi Archaeological Site, known  the Center of the Ancient World. Explore the best rare historical exhibitions in the Museum in Delphi Archaeological Site and don’t miss the famous “Charioteer” and “Sphinx of Naxos”.

The atmospheric hilltop ruins Mycenae Archaeological Site, a fortified city from the second millennium BC, where the well known myth of Hercules was born. Admire the world famous Lion’s Gate, Tomb of King Agamemnon and Palace. Stroll around the little streets of Nauplion City, “old town” and fort.

Explore the the breathtaking Epidaurus Ancient Theater, built in the 4th century BC – one of the world’s most beautiful and still boasts fabulous acoustics. Visit the Sanctuary of Asklepios a mythological birthplace of Asklepios, the Greek god of healing.

Moreover, this 5 Day Tour Greece will give the change to see the Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site where, on the Stadium at Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site Greece’s’ ancient Olympic Games took place.

Admire the breathtaking views of the world significant Meteora Monasteries– one of the most famous man made wonders of the Medieval World. Built all the way back in the 14th century by the monks that still operate nowadays! Take a peek inside, meet and talk to the monks and discover priceless artifacts and wall paintings…

*Please note that the visits to archaeological sites on the 5 Day Tour Greece may be affected by the Greek National Days (Easter or Bank Holiday).

Places We Visit with the 5 Day Tour Greece

What to Expect in the 5 Day Tour Greece:

Day 1: Morning departure from Athens City to visit Epidaurus Ancient Theater – Nauplion City
The 5 Day Tour Greece makes the first stop at Corinth Canal, following by Epidaurus Ancient Theater, famous for its remarkable acoustics, and Nauplion. Check in the hotel. Free afternoon for walking around the Nauplion City (the first capital of Greece). Overnight.

Day 2: Mycenae Archaeological Site – Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site
VisitMycenae Archaeological Site, with the famous Lion’s Gate and the Tomb of King Agamemnon. Depart to Olympia, through the central Peloponnese area. Overnight.

Day 3: Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site – Delphi Archaeological Site

In the morning visit the Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site. Drive via Patras to Rion, cross the channel to Antirion through the new suspended bridge, considered the longest and most modern in Europe. Arrival to Nafpaktos village for a short visit, and continue to Delphi. Overnight.

Day 4: Delphi Archaeological Site – Kalabaka

Visit Delphi Archaeological Site. Museum of Delphi, with the famous Bronze Charioteer, the statue of Antinoos, the athlete Aghias, the Ancient Sanctuary and all the renowned ruins of the “Opals” (Navel) of the Ancient world. Drive to Kalabaka Village via Central Greece. Overnight.

Day 5: Meteora Monasteries – Athens City – End of 5 Day Tour Greece

Visit the breathtaking Meteora Monasteries, built on top of rock towers. Early afternoon, start the drive back to Athens City passing via Thermopylae and Kammena Vourla. This is the end of this 5 Day Tour Greece to Mycenae, Nauplion City, Epidaurus Theater, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora Monasteries.

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