Get a chance to experience this 7 Day Tour in Greece through the Centuries

Visit Mycenae, Nauplion City, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi,
Meteora Monasteries, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Edessa, Vergina , Pella and the Archaeological Park of Dion

7 Day Tour Greece through the Centuries will unfold before you, spend 7 days to Greece and see the Prehistory, the Classical Period, Roman Domination, The Byzantine Empire, the Crusades, Modern Times.

Explore Mycenae Archaeological Site, Epidaurus Ancient Theater, and get a chance to see Nauplion City – the First Capital of Greece. Admire the Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site.

Visit  the UNESCO-listed classical sites of  Delphi Archaeological Site and the world famous Meteora Monasteries.

Continue to visit beautiful Thessaloniki (Salonica) City and tour the historical Macedonia, where you see the Waterfalls of Edessa Town and Vergina where Alexander the Great was raised. Admire Pella and Dion Archaeological Park. And the journey continues…

Places We Visit with the 7 Day Tour:

What to Expect in the 7 Day Tour:

Day 1: Corinth Canal – Epidaurus Ancient Theater – Nauplion City – Mycenae Archaeological Site

Leaving Athens City by the coastal road we make our  first stop to see the Corinth Canal. Next stop the Epidaurus Ancient Theater, famous for its remarkable acoustics. Then we proceed to Nauplion City for a short stop.

Drive on to visit the Mycenae Archaeological Site with the famous Lion’s Gate and the Tomb of King Agamemnon. Then depart for Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site through Central Peloponnese and the towns of Tripolis and Megalopolis. Arrive at Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games.


Day 2: Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site – Rio Antirio Bridge

In the morning visit the Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site with the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Stadium. We see the spot where the torch of the modern Olympic Games is lit and the Museum of Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site .

Then drive on through the plains of Ilia and Achaia until the magnificent bridge that crosses the Corinthian Bay from Rion to Antirion. Pass by the picturesque towns of Nafpaktos and Itea, finally arrive in Delphi Archaeological Site.


Day 3: Delphi Archaeological Site – Kalambaka

In the morning visit the Delphi Archaeological Site and the Museum in Delphi Archaeological Site, the most famous oracle of the ancient world. Depart for Kalambaka, a small town located at the foot of the astonishing complex of Meteora Monasteries, those gigantic rocks that rise steep from the plain of Thessaly.


Day 4: Meteora Monasteries – Aliacmon – Thessaloniki (Salonica) City

In the morning visit the Meteora Monasteries perched on top of huge rocks. Meteora Monasteries seem to be suspended in mid-air, stand ageless Monasteries, there you can see exquisite specimens of Byzantine Art.

Depart from Kalambaka to Thessaloniki (Salonica) City, driving through the astonishing valley of the longest river in Greece, Aliacmon. Arrival at Thessaloniki (Salonica) City, the second largest and the most vibrant city in Greece.


Day 5: Thessaloniki (Salonica) City

In the morning visit Thessaloniki (Salonica) City that throughout the era of the Byzantine Empire was the “Co-reigning” City, second in population and prestige after Constantinople.

Visit Unique Monuments and feel the glorious Byzantine past in some of the Oldest and most Characteristic Churches of the Christian World as well as the Museum of Byzantine Culture, awarded with the Council of Europe’s Museum Prize for the year 2005. The rest of the day is free, to enjoy time in the lively center of the city.Overnight

Day 6: Macedonia – Waterfalls of Edessa Town – Naousa – Vergina

Depart in the morning for a unique approach to Historical Macedonia. First stop at picturesque Edessa where we see the town’s famous landmark, the Waterfalls of Edessa Town. Then proceed to Naoussa, a site of exceptional beauty and importance: Aristotle’s School, the picturesque site where the great philosopher taught the doctrines of morals and politics to Alexander the Great and the Macedonian youth.

Continuing we drive to Ancient Aigai now called Vergina, to live the experience of a visit to the Unique Museum of Vergina, created in the Great Tumulus covering the Royal Tombs of Macedonia. See the astonishing findings from the Tomb of King Phillip II, Alexander’s father, and feel the thrill of the Greatest Discovery of the 20th century.

Only a few miles away Biblical Beroea – Veria where we visit Saint Paul’s Bema, and then stroll through the Old Jewish Neighborhood and the colourful market area. A walk in a city where past is present and around. Return to Thessaloniki (Salonica) City.


Day 7: Pella – Achaeological Park of Dion – Mount Olympus

In the morning drive to Pella, the Capital of Alexander the Great Empire. See the exquisite floor mosaics of the 4th century B.C. villas, on site as well as in the New Museum. Then proceed and visit the Archaeological Park of Dion. It was the Sacred City of the Macedonians, at the foot of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and House of the 12 Gods of the Greek Mythology.

On the way back to Athens, drive through the striking plain of Thessaly and the Valley of Tempi, admire the gigantic figure of Mount Olympus, pass by Lamia, Thermopylae where we see the Leonidas’ Monument and Thebes, arrive to Athens City late in the afternoon.

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