Spetses Island Dapia

Join us on the  One Day Tour to Spetses Island!

Spetses Island is one of the most cosmopolitan and picturesque Islands of Greece. Also it is the most famous island of the Saronic Gulf. It is a popular weekend destination due to its closeness to Athens.

Spetses Island with its beauty and traditional charm has inspired many artists and writers. The green environment and the crystal waters create the perfect setting for relaxing.

Must See

  • Dapia – The town and New Port
  • Bouboulina’s Mansion
  • The Old Port
  • Agia Marina and Kounoupitsa Beach

What to Expect

Join us on the  One Day Tour to Spetses Island!

Take the chance to visit Spetses Island, where no cars are allowed, with this One Day Tour and explore the picturesque Dapia, the famous Old Port where all the yachts are. Swim in the beautiful beaches like Agia Marina and Kounoupitsa and visit Bouboulina’s mansion.

Dapia is the main town of Spetses Island and the main port. As the boat reaches, you have the chance to admire many old Venetian mansion. Dapia is large and ideal for long promenades.

In addition you can visit the Museum of Bouboulina, which is actually her house. Bouboulina was one the most famous fighter from Spetses Island. Her full name was Lascarina Bouboulina and she played the leading part in sea battles and sieges of castles. Her house has now turned into a private museum and gives a clear view of a rich 18th century house in Spetses.

In fact, Spetses Island played an important role during the Greek War of Independence helping the struggle of the Greeks against the Ottomans with war ships and gunpowder. Such elegant mansions can be seen all over the town, such as the mansion of Hatzigiannis-Mexis that houses today the Municipal Museum and the mansion of Sotirios Anargyros, next to Bouboulina Museum.

Furthermore, you can visit the Old Port of Spetses Island. It is a picturesque small port and is nowadays the place where all the yachts dock. Take the opportunity and rent a traditional horse-carriage to take you there. The ride is very beautiful as it takes you by the sea side of the island. This will give you the opportunity to admire the pine-forested inland, as well as tall Venetian mansions and the cannons that used to protect the island in times of war and pirate attacks.

Finally, on Spetses Island you will find many beautiful beaches such as Agioi Anargyri, as well as beautiful bays like Agia Marina, Agia Paraskevi, Kououpitsa that are accessible by boat or bus.


In the morning your private pick up from your Hotel or Apartment takes you to the Port of Piraeus were you embark on the speed boat to Spetses Island. On this unescorted One day Tour you get the chance to explore Spetses Island at your own pace. In the afternoon you take the speed boat back to Piraeus port where your private pick up takes you to your Hotel or Apartment.

*Note: This is a private tour and can be arranged any day.

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