“it’s just a spot on the ocean that someone hardly notice on a map. Yet if you find yourselves there, you’ll know there’s no other place of equal beauty in the whole world”

Sifnos Island, one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean, is truly traditional among the Cyclades. It is the fourth biggest island in the Western Cyclades, with the typical sample of Cycladic landscape, traditional architecture, calm beaches and seaside taverns. During the last years, Sifnos has gradually developed a touristic offer, without losing its authentic character.

With traditional Cycladic style and cozy beaches, Sifnos is a great place for families, honeymooners, couples, or other travelers looking for some relaxing days close to the sea and nature. This is a mountainous island with fertile valleys, beautiful beaches and several white Cycladic Villages, perfectly combined with a relax nightlife, low-impact tourism and, probably the best food in the Cyclades. Therefore, Sifnos is a place with endless options for your leisure.

Sifnos counts also with one of the cleanest waters, as was the first Greek Island to introduce a purification system for a new plan of water wastage. Beaches of Sifnos Island are uncrowded and perfect for snorkeling.

Some of the most worldwide famous magazines have listed in the TOP 10, as “one the most charming and exotic islands in the world”, together with other exotic places like Bahamas or Seycheles. According to National Geographic:

“it’s just a spot on the ocean that someone hardly notice on a map. Yet if you find yourselves there, you’ll know there’s no other place of equal beauty in the whole world”

The most popular beaches are located on the southern side of the island and have crystal water, soft sand and many tourist facilities. Some of them are Vathy, Platis Gialos, Faros and Chrissopighi.

Nevertheless, Summer Holiday is not the only thing that you will find in Sifnos. You can also visit the different villages in the island with traditional arquitecture, such as Appollonia, Kamares, Vathi or Heronissos. Kastro is the most picturesque village in Sifnos and it is extended all with narrow paved streets, stone houses and a fantastic sea view.

Along with the seaside coast, visitors will find several points of interest. The most popular of all white monasteries and small churches are the Prophet Elias’s Monastery, the Virgin Mary of Toso Nero or the Taxiarch of Skafi. Other historical monuments are the citadel of Agios Andreas, and the ancient towers (dating from the 6th and 3rd century B.C.).

Nature Lovers will also have a motivation in Sifnos. The island is more green and fertile than the other Cyclades, which makes Sifnos the perfect place to enjoy nature and hiking. The environmental wealth of Sifnos can be seen all over the island, with more than 20 square kilometers integrated into the European Network of Natural Protected Areas “Natura 2000”.

The Natura Area of Sifnos Island is the home of 19 rare indigenous species of plants and animals. Also, the fertile land gives the opportunity to grow various types of cedar, pistacia, aromatic herbs and wild olive trees. This coexistence between nature and humans, is the best example of a balance growth of population and respect for nature.

Sifnos has also developed an ecological farming program, which guarantees the quality vegetables with an exceptional flavor. As consequence, the local economy of Sifnos also increased. While walking around the streets, you will appreciate the smell and aromas from thyme, sage and other herbs.

Moreover, Sifnos is also very well known for the finest cooks, becoming an attraction for the best chefs around Greece and Europe like Tselemendes, and for being the inspiration and homeland of many Greek poets like Ioannis Gryparis, Kleanthis Triantafyllou and Aristomenis Provelegios.

And of course, Sifnos has a small appearance in the Ancient Greek Mythology. According to the myth, Sifnos is the Island of the God of Beauty and Arts Apolo, who gifted the island with such a natural beauty.

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