“Olympia Ancient City is the birthplace of the first Olympic Games”

one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Greece

Olympia Ancient City is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and Zeus’ sacred land. Olympia Ancient City has cultivated ideals since ancient times. It was never just the games, but also the honor, the peace, the struggle and the body – all in one. Visiting the Archaeological Site and Museum in Olympia, you will walk in one of the most important Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece.

Situated in the landscape of Ilia, by the foot of Mt. Kronion (Kronios Lofos), Olympia invites you to take part in the history of Greece. This place is connected to many gods and myths. There are different versions on how the Olympic Games got started. According to one version, this was where Zeus struggled with his father Cronus, finally beating him and seizing the throne. As a memory of his victory, Zeus organized the games.