Things to Do in Athens City

Must See places in the capital City of Greece

Seems like discovering all the Things to do in Athens City might be a huge deal to the first-time visitor. Certainly, Athens is a collection of many different neighborhoods, each one with its own distinctive flair. As a result, discovering Athens City is a fascinating and exciting experience.

Unless you have a specific goal and limited time, just stroll and let yourself get lost. Be pleasantly surprised by the Historical Center, full of little picturesque streets and discover all the corners where the famous Ancient Greeks lived.

Don’t forget to get in the Archaeological Park, the Pedestrianized Walkways that stretch from Hadrian’s Gate, The Acropolis of Athens, the Ancient Agora, Thissio and the Kerameikos area.

Plaka, the Old City of Athens. The foot of Acropolis of Athens.
Plaka is the most popular neighborhood in Athens, due to its location, right below the Acropolis of Athens:

  • Ancient Sites
  • Byzantine Churches
  • Offbeat Museums
  • 19th Century Houses
  • Restaurants & Cafes

Walk around the labyrinthine streets and find yourself within the village of Anafiotika, a Cycladic town at the very base of the Acropolis of Athens.

That is to say, Plaka area is rich in history, romantic, and nostalgic. Certainly, going through this quirky area will be one of the most beautiful moments you will experience in Athens.

The revival begun when old factories became the hottest clubs in town, or brilliantly transformed into Museums, Arts Centers and Exhibition Halls.

For instance, Technopolis center, which keeps much of its original industrial architecture, has been converted brilliantly into a complex for shows, festivals, and exhibitions. Moreover, it also has a cafe and a courtyard used for concerts. Most notewoirthy, the permanent exhibition is theMaria Callas Museum.

Monastiraki, another Top Things to Do in Athens. This neighborhood fringes Ancient Agora, Roman Forum and the flea markets. Moreover, many tavernas, cafes and shops line the streets. Adrianou street, the most popular street in the area, links Monastiraki Square with the beautiful area of Thissio. Monastiraki Square, restored in 2008, offers a treat for visitors and locals.

Between Athinas and Ermou Street, Psirri was once ruined and forgotten. However, it’s now one of the Top Things to Do in Athens City, especially at night. This area comes alive in the late afternoon until early morning and has so much going on:

  • Slick warehouse conversions
  • Neoclassical houses
  • Restaurants, Bars and Cafes
  • Tavernas
  • Mezedopoleia (restaurants that offer small dishes of samplings) with live music
  • Clubs
  • Galleries

Kerameikos, Top Things to Do in Athens City, is undergoing its own reinvention. The Ancient Athenian Cemetery is peaceful and green, with many beautiful classical sculptures and the Athens’s ancient walls.

Technopolis – Gazi:
Right after Kerameikos, another Top Things to Do in Athens. Technopolis (Art City), known as Gazi area, was an industrial gas plant. The factory closed in 1984, and it works now as an Art Exhibition Center.

Today Gazy is illuminated in arty neon red, and its streets are filled with the most alternative nightlife in Athens. It offers arts spaces, fusion restaurants, theaters, bars, cafes and LGTB places.

Walking distance from Gazi are the School of Fine Arts and the Hellenic World Foundation, as well as the Pantheon, a stunning concert and conference hall. Another new architectural landmark is the Benaki Museum, with exhibitions, film screenings, theater performances and concerts.

Further down in Athinais, it is the Museum of Ancient Cypriot Art, and many galleries, concert halls, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and bars. The Kerameikos Metro station and Gazi area is where Athens City’s modern heart beats to its own rhythm.

Thissio area
Thissio, another must of Top Tings to Do in Athens City, with restored neoclassical buildings, views to the Acropolis of Athens, Temple of Hephaestos, and places to hang out. Old fashioned but still modern, it’s a unique neighborhood. In addition, be sure to check out the grand National Observatory, a beautiful neoclassical mansion from the late 1800s.

Makrigianni area
Makrigianni, at the south of Acropolis, has lots of shops and hotels. Top Things to Do in Athens City due to  its proximity to Acropolis. First, you’ll find luxurious hotels and restaurants like Strofi and Socrates’s Prison (known as Samaria).

Secondly, Makrigianni used to be the gay-friendly neighborhood, and some are still very popular. This area is very close to Plaka and Syntagma Square, the Acropolis Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum.

Piraeus City:
The main port of Athens, definitely Top Things to Do in Athens City. Firstly, Piraeus is home of rembetika (traditional Greek music).  Further, the main harbor (Megas Limani) and Zea Marina, together with Mikrolimano (Little Harbor) are picturesques harbors with eateries and cafes by the marina. Nearby is the beautiful Kastella, with neoclassical mansions and views of the Saronic Gulf.

The Southern Suburbs – Coastal Athens City
If you visit Athens, within the Top Things to Do in Athens City, cannot skip the southern suburbs. The coastal avenue Leoforos Poseidonos is easily accessible from Athens. Very popular area during summer period for beaches, esplanades, marinas and open-air megaclubs

Coastal Athens
Finally, Marina Flisvos is perfect for walking, due to the many stores, restaurants, cafes, lounges, bars and a open cinemas located here. You can also visit the battleship Averoff, which played a decisive role in the Balkan Wars. Now it operates as a Museum. To sum up, an area full of First-rate restaurants, shopping, sports facilities and watersports are all throughout the coast.

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